Formed In the fall of 2014, Atlas Lab came together over street performances and endless winter songwriting retreats. Anchored by vocalist Solei’s ethereal, soulful style, they blend lush psychedelic rock, deep grooves, looped vocals, and traditional songwriting to create textured tapestries of sound. 


The first studio EP, “Wake Up Slow,” was released in January 2016 to praise from local, national, and international blogs. It was featured on the “Bandcamp Weekly” online radio show and the “New and Notable” section of Bandcamp's homepage, and earned Atlas Lab a nomination for Deli Magazine's 2016 Indie Pop Act of the Year and a spot on Sound of Boston's list of "Boston's Best Local Albums of 2016". In February 2016, they celebrated the release of “Wake Up Slow” to a sold-out crowd at The Rockwell in Somerville, MA.


Atlas Lab has shared the stage with national acts Lewis Del Mar, Leisure Cruise (members of Broken Social Scene), and Madaila, as well as regional festival regulars Ghosts of Jupiter, Otis Grove, Akashic Record, and countless others. Touring schedules have brought them all over Massachusetts, New York City, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Cape Cod. They've performed at storied venues such as Brighton Music Hall, The Middle East Upstairs, Great Scott, Thunder Road, The Rockwell, and Electric Haze.


The first full-length LP, “Glory the Night,” was released in July 2017, and celebrated an album release show at The Middle East Upstairs in Cambridge, MA to a packed crowd in August 2017.

Atlas Lab is currently in the studio, writing and recording music for their third album.




01. Wonder Why

02. Crystal Lake

03. Keep It Light

04. Brand New Empty House

05. Maze

06. Green Leaf

07. Glory Be

08. Your Demand

09. Shadow

10. Bluer To Me



01. Wake Up Slow

02. Trust Fall

03. Steadfast Mind

04. Something Good

05. Castellana






"A groovy, engrossing project... dreamy, ambient electronic music, mixed with enough funk to keep you on your toes" - Sound of Boston (full article)


"Press play, instant swelling and grooving surrounds your atmosphere, triggered by the swoon; which gradually takes you closer to where the feeling feels once understood, yet not as it once was. Vocals ease into your mind like a nostalgic chapter we've all encountered." - CLLCTIVE (album feature)


"A groovy, psychedelic soul. Balancing somewhere between the brightest pop moments of Broadcast, the vintage sounds of Allah Las and the undiscovered era of the northern soul" - Sound Injections (full article)

"One thing becomes abundantly clear in the first couple minutes of listening to Atlas Lab’s track “TrustFall”- there is undeniable talent and ability in this humble practice space recording." - High Fur (full article)




“The first single 'Wake Up Slow' is a song that quietly builds into something quite special. Indie folk with a bit of a kick, I can't wait to hear the rest of the EP.” - Beehive Candy (full article)

“Their debut EP might be titled 'Wake Up Slow, but Boston band Atlas Lab will be looking to get the year off to a flying start when they release their first set of songs (barring an EP of live demos from last year) on January 22nd…. This is a gently stirring tune that has a deftness of touch and an air of mystery, which is a combination that could serve them well.” - The Sound of Confusion (full article)

“At least one good thing came out of the brutal winter that pounded the city of Boston of this year… Acoustic guitar picking and harmonizing bring a certain folkiness, while Solei’s vocals stand out in a way they could not in her previous project, Gold Bloc, which relied heavily on her looped and layered vocals.” - Sound Of Boston (full article)

“Psych-Soul masters… an immensely intriguing local act that is ready to make 2016 their year.” - Music Box Pete (full article)

"The texture of Solei’s vocals are the right blend of out-of-this world and razor sharp." - Spark and Fizz (full article)

"Singer Solei‘s fascinating voice leads this wonderfully and richly orchestrated soul venture – trust Atlas Lab, they know exactly what they’re doing…" - Turn Up The Volume (full article)








"These are well crafted, intentional, and often times deeply moving serenades that simultaneously slip your thoughts into a dreamlike purgatory that you don’t want to leave." - Boston Hassle (full article)

"Musically, the album grooves in psychedelic, soulful passage - guitars glimmering with tremolo, electric organ humming, lead singer Solei’s recognizable vocals gliding on top of the mix. It hits with a pang of nostalgia for long nights spent with friends." - Sound of Boston (full article)

"There's something about this group that makes them the cream of the crop when it comes to talking about local bands, and they have a honed in dynamic when it comes to crafting their music and their way of bouncing musical ideas off one another that makes them so awe inspiring and such a treat to watch." - Music Box Pete (full article)

"Their new music video for Glory the Night’s fourth track, “Brand New Empty House,” is the ideal visual match for the band’s character. It's smoky and pastel, blending hazy pinks and blues, setting the tone for a sultry and hypnotizing track. We see vocalist Solei from the back or the side, but she’s never framed head-on, further emphasizing a sense of mystery".

- ThrdCoast (full article)

"Hasta Boston nos ha llevado la curiosidad por conocer algo más de la banda que crea atmósferas alrededor de la sugerente voz de Solei. Un quinteto que en 2017 ha publicado "Glory the night", una oda a la sugerente nocturnidad. - Simón Zico (full interview)

"A weathered voice in a flickering metropolis grabs you "just for a moment" and wraps your into the music scape of Atlas Lab'​s​ second release" - CLLCTIVE (album feature)